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Economic Situation Better, Deposit 50% School Fee or Face Action: Calcutta HC

The Division Bench of Calcutta High Court while hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Rajib Chakraborty and Ors. Vs. The State of West Bengal and Ors — W.P.A.(P) 162 of 2021, passed an interim order stating that parents should pay 50% of due school fees, failing which actions will be taken against the student including suspension, removal from the roll of the school, and suspending qualification and certificates till the school fees are paid. 

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Vested Political Interest Involved, Rustication Order of Students Set Aside by Calcutta HC

The Calcutta High Court in Visva Bharati and another Vs. State of West Bengal & Ors — W.P.A. No. 13553 of 2021 set aside rustication orders of three students passed by the special enquiry committee.  The students were rusticated for three years for breaking the seal on the chamber of a professor and for causing disorder in the University. The court observed that students were used as a front by the vested political interests from outside the University.

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